Swannanoa Valley Transitional Housing Committee

The Problem

With an estimated 600% increase of those we help it will be difficult to maintain the success rate we have previously held without being able to offer housing opportunities of our own.

The first obstacle any inmate without a home plan faces once released is housing. Without the assurance of appropriate housing survival instincts take over...

Our Solution at Swannanoa Valley Transitional Housing

Our Goal is to reduce the recidivism rate of the most vulnerable women released from the Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women (SCCW) that affects inmates their families and our community.  Also too break the cycle of multi generational felony incarceration within these families. As of 2007, the 250+ women who have participated in the transitional program at SCCW over the previous 10 years, 5 women have returned to prison - that is less than a 2% rate of recidivism!

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Our Mission

SVTH provides a safe, supportive environment where women recently released from the Swannanoa Valley Correctional Center for Women (SCCW) can begin the daunting process of rebuilding their lives, and furthermore to provide the guidance, tools, and resources that gradually restores their self esteem and hope - fostering the achievement of a successful reentry into society.

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Funds we receive are used to:

1. Provide each woman the services she needs - her immediate needs are for self care and personal items including underwear and clothes and taking care of her, often neglected, medical and dental needs. She will need transportation to appointments, classes, job hunting or work and for medical and dental check-ups. She may need funds for tuition, classes or job skill training.

2. Expand existing services - which currently means remodeling the lower level of the Jane Pfaff House - creating classrooms, a meditation area, and a multipurpose meeting/recreational room

3. Reduce operating costs - by replacing all windows with energy efficient windows

4. Improve appearance - by replacing outside (rotting) front entrance and stoop

5. Reduce maintenance problems - by replacing deteriorating gutters and downspouts

6. Additional residental housing for future - by securing donations, community contributions, and planning for growth within our transitional housing services, which will provide more housing for recently released inmates

With tremendous community support and countless volunteer hours, the visionary and dedicated leadership of SVTHC has successfully secured, remodeled and furnished the first and second floors of a structurally sound older house (the Pfaff House), and hired qualified personnel. It is now serving its first residents.



Some Staggering Statistics:

Each year 41% of the admissions to prison for felony crimes are recidivist, also each year 53% of the admissions to prison for misdemeanor crimes are recidivists. NC Department of Corrections currently houses approximately 2850 female inmates. Women are the fastest growing population in the prison industry. In 2008, the Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women (SCCW), then Black Mountain Correctional Center for Women, had an inmate population of 80 women. Presently SCCW houses 270 inmates and has the largest capacity for expansion of all women’s prisons in the state. A population of 495 inmates is expected at SCCW.

Women who are most vulnerable are without a home plan.

To have a home plan the inmate must either, own a home, or have a family member or a friend who will commit to providing shelter, or be accepted into a fee or free shelter which will commit to providing shelter for an extended period. On the day a sentence is completed, an inmate without a home plan is transported to the steps of the convicting county courthouse and released. If the inmate has been in prison more than 2 years she is given $45.00, if less than 2 years she receives no money. No money, no food, no clothes and now homeless. 70% of inmates released into this situation return to prison within 3 years.

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